About Melissa


Hi there, I’m Melissa.  I’ve recently started this blog in a bid to share my work with the world.  I have always enjoyed creating and engaging in creative activities.  As I grew up, I learned and enjoyed playing the piano.  It was my vice, my release, and my joy.  I still enjoy playing and teaching piano, but found a new passion as my experiences changed.  I started writing and have been working towards the release of my first eBook, pre-orders of which are available at Amazon.  After completing academic papers and a thesis for my Research Masters, I found solace in creative writing and editing.  If you’d like to hire me to edit your work, your children’s school essays, or write for your company please contact me at melissabaileywriter@gmail.com or fill out the contact form on the Hire Me page.

~ Melissa


The picture on the Home page is courtesy of Isabelle Erin, young Redcliffe photographer.


2 thoughts on “About Melissa

  1. You are indeed a creative soul and a constant source of surprises – which makes you a delight to know. Coincidentally, only yesterday I was encouraging another friend to give rein to her creative impulses – a friend who’s been in the bureaucratic world for years and is caught in the cycle of temporary promotions that lead nowhere, applying for better remunerated and more fulfilling permanent promotions, getting only temporary promotions, and so on and so on. Endless frustration and psychological problems and health problems all compounding each other – you get the picture I’m sure. Beneath it all there’s a person with theatre in her background and a burning passion for cinema. As her birthday occurred this week I took the opportunity to say “Draw the line! Torture yourself no more! Release the inner “you.” The other problems won’t disappear, but they’ll fall into their proper place; which is to say they’ll become like mere gravel underfoot, something that’s a nuisance but no more.”

    You’re a generation younger than this person, and yet already you’ve taken the leap. Congratulations! And by the way, don’t let go of the reading, because in my experience there’s a complementarity between reading and writing. We forever explore and we create and we can’t do one without the other. In fact, it’s sometimes hard to know which of those two zones we’re in at any one time, so much are they linked.


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