A Hooker’s Paradise

Some may say that crochet is for an activity you take up after your 70th birthday. While I’ve always been told I’m beyond my years I don’t think I’m quite that far. Regardless, it was about four years ago that I picked up a tacky plastic hook and some wool to start my first few crochet stitches. It wasn’t long before I’d learned and practised the basic stitches and yearned for more. I couldn’t read a diagram or a pattern so I sought help from amazingly talented ‘hookers’ online instead. Through countless videos I learned how to increase and decrease stitches, change yarn (the fancy and American term for wool) and make all sorts of things. I made Christmas decorations and presents for my family, baby clothes and toys and a number of different afghans or blankets.

“This amazingly relaxing hobby has been the secret of grannies far and wide…”

But the truth is, it’s coming back into fashion. Not necessarily all the patterns that we saw years ago, but definitely new, modern, bright patterns that help make your house a home. Using beautiful variegated yarn to create an afghan was my most recent project. As the colours changed from a deep burgundy to lilac, brown to dark green to lime, then from dark blue back to purple I felt the soft yarn slide through my fingers. The texture of the yarn and the cold hardness of my new metal hook grounded me and I felt my stress seeping away. The sense of working on something that can rarely be completed in a day, or even a week is satisfying. As I became more experienced I learned how to read a diagram, then a pattern and am now experimenting with different patterns to create new amazing projects. My favourite is crocheting for Christmas and this year’s project is bound to be an Advent calendar…wish me luck!

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