Beheading Islamic State: Are we finally doing it right?

With recent reports that Islamic State have released a third video of a beheading, this time of a British aide worker, David Haines, the United States has ordered another series of air strikes against the group.

Not surprisingly, the United States has asked Australia to be involved in the operation to fight the deplorable actions of ISIL.  President Obama has been successful in establishing a coalition to support the United States in the humanitarian effort.  It is believed that 600 Australian personnel will be deployed to assist the Middle East in preparation for military action in Iraq.  While it is currently a ‘no boots’ operation, meaning no ground forces to be deployed from Australia, it is inevitable that the US will deploy ground forces.

Sixty-three per cent of Australians are said to support the mission, although the leader of The Australian Greens Party, Christine Milne raises doubt, saying that Australia should accept advice from ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation).  Further, Milne states that Australians can’t ignore the impact any military involvement in Iraq or the Middle East might have on the risk of a terrorist act or security incident in Australia.

President Obama states that ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) is not a state, despite the radical group calling itself the Islamic State.

“ISIL was formerly Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Iraq.”

It is also not Islamic and the vast majority of its victims have been Muslim.  So, my question for you is: are we finally engaging in a ‘war effort’ the right way?  In the past we have sent our own soldiers to fight in what has largely been deemed as another Nation’s war.  Now, we are stepping in to support the United States against a terrorist organisation that is threatening the Western world by providing strategic military support to soldiers in the area.  There may be no ‘right’ way to fight against any group, let alone a group of this nature.

Obama states that the coalition will fight to ‘degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL’ through a counter-terrorism strategy… will it work?  Are we fighting the right way?  Does it depend on our definition of success?

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