Neighbourhood Heroes

This morning on our long daily walk, my son, who was travelling in his pram, suddenly sat up.  The dog, tied to the pram, kept plodding along, as did I.  “What is it, Harrison?” I asked when I noticed him sitting forward and pointing.  What I’d taken for granted was… well everything.  I took the trees, the houses, the birds, the cars and the kids on their way to school for granted.  Harrison marvelled in all of them.  I’d heard the sirens but hadn’t acknowledged the vehicle.  As I saw the lights approaching the roundabout I said, “Harrison, look at the ambulance!” He turned around in his pram and pointed, wanting me to see the lights that he’d never seen before even though I had seen them countless times.

“Hang on a minute, I think it’s a fire engine!”

We rarely see fire trucks on the streets, even though there is a fire station nearby.  We live close to a hospital though, so we often see ambulances.  As the big, red engine lumbered towards us as fast as it was allowed, I knelt down next to Harrison.  The lights flashed and the sirens screamed, demanding attention.  In the front seat I saw three fluro-legged men, their wide shoulders squashed next to one another.  Harrison pointed and I waved, I didn’t expect anything in return.  What we received was three smiling men waving through the large front window of the truck as they sped by.  I was astounded.  On the way to an emergency, the men who’d been called to yet another dangerous situation, would acknowledge a baby and his mother on the street.  When every day is the same for so many parents, this is the kind of action that makes a difference.  Our true neighbourhood heroes made my day.  Thank you Queensland Fire & Rescue Service.

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