How writing’s changed and how it may never be the same again

Writing is inevitably going to change over time.  Not just because the way we physically write has changed – we’ve gone from using ink and quills to typing on a phone, but because the way we communicate has changed.  We’ve gone from writing hand-written letters to one another, to sending text messages.  We went from using correct spelling, grammar and full words to using single letters to portray a word, ‘you’ became ‘u’ and ‘to’ became ‘2’, despite the number 2 not actually being interchangeable for anything other than ‘two’.  Without using actual words, we’ve still managed to communicate.  Even the writing of articles has changed, and you may have noticed.  We are seeing more and more lists – ’50 ways to xyz’ – it doesn’t matter what it is, you name it, there’s a list for it.

The reason we have lists is because we don’t have time to read the whole thing anymore.  Well, that’s our excuse anyway.  The problem is, we are training our readers.  Our readers now look for articles with headings to be sure they can read them quickly, skip over the content and just read the headings to understand the main gist of the article.  Even with full words and correct sentences, our readers look to articles with highlighted headings for the main point.  If you can’t capture their attention in the first few sentences you may lose your reader altogether.  If you can keep their attention initially, keep the article to 300-400 words to make your point.  If you can keep their attention longer, keep it, hold it, nurture it. In the meantime look out for my first, soon to be released e-book ‘100 ways to save time and how to spend it wisely.’  I’m not kidding, it will be released, it will contain full sentences with real words and it’ll be worth reading all the words under the headings too!  Check it out here.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my article without headings.

Breaking all the rules,


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