From shabby to chic! Adding style to your rented property

Modern country bedroom | Image |

For those of us who live in rental houses or apartments, it can be frustrating just accepting the décor when we move in. What is unfurnished may have white walls, a modern kitchen, poky bathroom and old wooden cupboards. On the contrary, you could find yourself in an old post-war home with reasonable sized living areas and smaller bedrooms. The bathroom may have coloured bath ware and old style tap ware. Regardless of the permanent décor it is important to make what is probably going to be a temporary living space feel like your own. Problem being, you’re not allowed to alter anything that will cause permanent change. No painting the walls, renovating the bathroom or upgrading the bench tops.

There are a few simple and cost effective methods to personalising your house or apartment. Apart from organising furniture, ornaments and wall hangings to suit your taste you could also try some more semi-permanent features that, while they may take a big longer to accomplish, can make all the difference. For hygiene’s sake, first replace the toilet seat!  Keep anything you remove though, because you’ll need to put it all back when you move out. Light fittings can make a huge difference, especially if the rental you’ve moved into has old and dusty fittings. You can find all sorts of reasonably priced fittings at hardware stores to suit your desired look.

Apart from pictures, prints or photos on the walls, you can also find removable wall stickers to suit any room or theme. These popular stickers can add to a baby’s nursery, decorate for Christmas or add a neat flare to a teenager’s bedroom without peeling off the paint. Add patterned curtains for your own touch to the windows, or if you don’t want to add curtains to windows already donned with covers find some bunting in your favourite colours and drape it along the window frame. If you find yourself in a furnished rental you can find chair and couch covers that will not only protect the furniture and ensure you don’t you’re your bond to stains, but can also change the overall look you’re trying to achieve. Choose the right bedspreads, lamps, ornaments and other small decorations and your previously bare rental will soon feel just like home.

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