Getting started…


It’s always difficult to take the plunge, like jumping into the ice cold water that you know will be refreshing but will also take your breath away.  Ward off the palpitations and tension in the anticipation of creating and jump.  It is only recently that I have taken the plunge to actually commit not only to devoting time to creating but devoting time to doing what I really enjoy.  After years of chasing dream after dream, and usually succeeding at least partially, I’ve found solace in writing.  Reading was a vice that took me away from  my surrounds and transported me to a world of different characters, different places and new experiences far, far away from the common life.  Dull, it wasn’t, but still monotonous and lacking a personal passion.  I escaped in reading, taught to fly, like Wendy in Peter Pan, and enjoyed the time I allowed my imagination to flourish.  Even to the point where I would avoid seeing movies of the book, so it wouldn’t ruin my imagined image of who and where and how.

Time has passed and now I find myself able to put the words together in such a way that may transport others.  At first, I wrote comic pieces, laced with my wit and sarcasm that was appreciated on paper but not so much in person.  My audience enjoyed my pieces, but I grew tired and desired something more, something deeper.  Ironically, what was deeper lay only surface deep and required less effort to create than did the funny anecdotes.  I took on a new journey, found myself writing with more description, more similes, metaphors, devices of poetry and language.  My audience appreciated the change, thanked me for it and encouraged me to continue on.  Allow me to take you on a journey, allow me to teach you to fly…

Photo courtesy Communicate Better Blog


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